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Master Course

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The fastest-growing social media platform in Asia

Instantly Connect with Over 220 Million Potential Customers

Why Use Xiaohongshu Marketing?

Currently, there are over 220 million Xiaohongshu users actively browsing for engaging content on this fastest-growing social media platform in Asia. According to research, among this figure, 1.97% of the users are from Taiwan and 1.77% are from Hong Kong, making these 4.33 million and 3.89 million users respectively.


Want to know more on how you can reach this fast growing market? Join this comprehensive course to equip yourself with the skills to leverage Xiaohongshu's unique social ecommerce features to expand your brand or products in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong!  


Intended Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, learners will be able to:


comprehend the current social media landscape in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong to use this to your advantage


understand the mindset of Gen-Z and Millennials and create creative content targeted towards these audiences


use effective marketing strategies to promote products and build brand awareness with its social ecommerce platform

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Who Should Apply

The course is intended for entrepreneurs and businesses eager to use Xiaohongshu to:

  • expanding your brand or product in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

  •  reach over 220 million potential customers with it's social e-commerce platform 

Learning Content