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Collaboration:  Corporate and Education Training

Corporate Training

Empower your employees to upskill with learning. Motivate and support employees to work more effectively and efficiently with the latest tech guidance and training.

Build a culture of learning at your organization with the most in-demand tech skills that will transform the performance of your organization and improve employee retention.

Education Workshop

The HKSAR is in full support on enlightening the next generation on tech awareness and applications with government funding offered to primary and secondary schools for organizing tech related events and workshops. To learn more on organizing workshops with us, contact our learning specialist for details.

Tailor Training

Build a tailor-made training programming that suits your organization's needs to improve skills development. UX Design is one of the hottest skills in demand. Enquiry with us immediately.

Hire Our Graduates

Looking to expand your teams with new talents to take on the role of tech or design specialists? Drop us a message and we will be in touch with you for our graduate referrals.

Past Activities

Low-Code and No-Code Website Development Workshop

Digital publishing has never been this easy with low-code and no-code techniques and tools. Students from The Education University of Hong Kong learnt the fundamental concept of website development, concept of responsive website design and the front-end/back-end operation in this 2.5-hour hands-on workshop.

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The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) PowerPoint and Infographic Presentation Workshop

A presentation is a critical business tool that helps the presenter convey his/her idea. Whether the communication goal is to persuade, sell or inspire, a well-crafted presentation will undoubtedly be more convincing and credible. In this workshop, participants will explore the optimum use of a variety of visual communication techniques to create a high impact presentation that will lifts audiences’ engagement and build a long lasting impression.


UX UI Design with Figma Short Course

Expose to the latest UX UI trends and design tools. Learners gained hands-on experience with Figma for creating interactive software product design. This short course empowered participates to upskill their creativity and enhance productivity to cope with the changing digital marketing landscape.

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Ecommerce Entrepreneur Workshop

A workshop for secondary students to get hands-on with building their very first online shop. Students are introduced with the fundamental concept of ecommerce and how it could make a change for the retail businesses.

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