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dxlab course payment installment plan

Pay as You Learn

0% Interest, $0 Handling Fee

Hero Plus Interest Free Instalment Plan

DxLab Digital has teamed up with epayment service provider Hero Plus to help you achieve your study goal. Now you can use our 0% interest rate, $0 handling fee Tuition Instalment Plan to reduce your financial stress on professional development. When you apply for our courses and complete the payment with Hero Plus, you have the choice of paying the tuition in 2, 3 or 4 instalments, with a maximum payment of $18,000.

Example: If you apply for our 18-class Certificate in Full-Stack UX/UI Design course, the total fee of $21,600 (after deducing 10% Early Bird special $2,400 from $24,000) can be divided the $18,000 into 4 instalments, and pay the remaining balance with the payment of your choice. Example is shown below:

Instalment & Payment Schedule

Payment Schedule


1st instalment (Course enrolment)

2nd instalment (1 month after course enrolment)

3rd instalment (2 month after course enrolment)

4th instalment (3 month after course enrolment)

($4,500 + $3600)





  1. Download the Hero Plus mobile app

  2. Register your account and login

  3. Scan the payment QR Code on the right

  4. Input the maximum payable amount ($18,000) and select the number of instalments (2/3/4 instalments)

  5. Select your preferred credit card

  6. Confirm payment

  7. ​Remaining balance of $3,100 can be done with your choice of bank in, FPS or Crediti Card

  8. After completion, send the Payment Reference ID to DxLab Limited via WhatsApp (66728528)  or email (

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