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Low-Code & No-Code Mobile App Design

Latest Trend in Digital Product Development




Empower designers to turn your UI design into actual app with no coding knowledge

Build App Quicker and Accelerate Business Launch

Why Learn to Design Mobile App?

Using Low-Code (LC) and No-Code (NC) platforms to build digital products for mobile devices is the trend in software development. The LC/NC approaches allow businesses and designers to design and build mobile apps with minimum coding knowledge and skills, and launch the business in the shortest possible amount of time.

You can now launch a product quickly, without having to worry about the technical variances in developing native apps for different operating systems or scalability requirements. The LC/NC approach is a fantastic solution for start-ups to deploy and test its app with limited time and budget. UI and UX designers may also use the LC/NC approach to implement their design into a fully functional product.

Mobile App Design

Intended Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, learners will be able to:


Design functional mobile app with screen navigation and interactive layout


Connect interface to backend database for data storage


Prepare app file package for product distribution to App Store/PlayStore

Graphic Designers

Who Should Apply

The course is intended for people with the following objective(s):

  • Designers wanting to join the tech industry as UI/UX designer

  • UI/UX Designers seeking to obtain the skills in implementing their own design into a functional product

  • Start-up and SME owners looking for a budgeted solution to product development

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