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NFT Collection on Screen

Essential Guide to Blockchain & NFTs Art Creation

Learn Step-by-Step on How to Mint Your First NFT Collection

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Generate a collection of 10,000 NFT art with one click 

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Newest and hottest topic in the Art and Investment world

Course Overview

Blockchain and NFTs is the newest and hottest topic in the Art and Investment world. Learn step-by-step on how to mint your very first NFT collection and sell them to the NFT marketplace.


On completion of this course, you will learn the essentials of blockchain and NFT art trading practices enabling you to create your own NFT digital art collection. Use smart contracts and crypto wallet to manage your crypto assets.

Digital Animator

Intended Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, learners will be able to:


Explain the concept of blockchain for business and other applications

Mint NFT art collection using design and coding software


Authenticate ownership of digital assets with Smart Contracts


Deploy digital assets on to NFT marketplace for sale


Use crypto wallet and crypto exchange services to manage crypto assets


Digital Artist

Who Should Attend

The course is intended for people that are:

  • Blockchain enthusiasts

  • Digital artists looking to create their NFTs collection

  • Anyone looking to buy or sell NFT on the crypto market

  • NFT collectors

Learning Content

Levitated Objects

Figma: Powerful Software Used by Professionals

Figma screen

Expressing creativity and design language requires the right tool and software. Figma introduced a powerful new way to design, with useful resources and plugins that will speed up your workflow. It is one of the best tool for UXUI designers and design team to work seamlessly on a project.

DxLab Instructor Marco Ho

Mr. Marco Ho
UX Specialist and Digital Strategist

Proficient in managing online marketing campaigns from strategic planning to execution. Cross-disciplinary skills in Marketing, Advertising, Design and Digital Communications. Experienced in education and training in creative thinking, marketing management, digital marketing and design.

  • Certified Professional Google UX Designer

  • Lecturer, UOW College Hong Kong

  • Programme Leader, Digital Marketing, HKDI/IVE (2015-2018)

  • Deputy Programme Leader & Lecturer, Business with Design Management, HKDI/IVE (2007-2014)

  • External Examiner, HD in Design (Graphic Design), Department of Design, CBCC

  • Master’s Degree, Design Strategies, Hong Kong PolyU


Professional Recognition

On completion of this course*, learners will receive a Digital Certificate issued by DxLab Digital.  Your achievement will be recognized by the potential employers, the knowledge and skills obtained from this professional courses will serve as a solid stepping stone for your career development.

*Must complete the course project and attend minimum 80% of the classes.

Course Detail

Contact Hours

10 Hours

Total 5 Classes



Every --- evening


9:30 - 21:30

2 hours each lesson


HK$7,200 (10% off Earlybird)

Original Price HK$5,980*

UX design course application

10% off Earlybird

Apply for this Course

If you have any questions related to our course, please contact our Education Specialist via WhatsApp first. Once you are certain of your enrolment, you may complete the form below:

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