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UI/UX Gamification Design Bootcamp

Updated: Apr 5

students learning ux ui design with gamification card game design

Co-organized with Hong Kong Baptist University, School of Communication in December 2023, this immersive 2-day Applied Learning course with the title "UI/UX Gamification Bootcamp" embarks a journey for secondary school students to be expose to career-related competencies with practice and theory linked to broad professional and vocational fields.

Gamification is the use of game elements and design principles in non-gaming contexts. It has gained significant popularity in various industries, including television programme, marketing, education, and even employee training. It leverages game mechanics and principles, and elements like challenges, points, badges, leaderboards to motivate and engage participants and audiences.

gamification elements

This bootcamp applied the exciting theme of card game design with essential design principles and application of AI technologies, provoking and inspiring students’ career aspirations in the field of creative industry. Activities focused on the concept of gamification, storytelling, incorporating game-like elements into everyday experiences to make them more enjoyable and motivating.


Fostering Students' Problem-solving Skills & Career Development

Through hands-on activities and exercises, students had the opportunity to apply the 4 phases of the double diamond design thinking framework and methodologies to develop a physical card game, fostering their creativity and problem-solving skills.

Moreover, through a holistic learning approach integrating STEAM element (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) as access points for guiding students to encourage their questioning, embrace collaboration, and critical thinking.

After completing this bootcamp, students acquired a spectrum of knowledge and skills for applying the logic of gamification on products or services for non-game industries. Furthermore, students gained a solid foundation on the application of design thinking as a problem-solving tool in their future career development.

Other learning outcomes of this event includes

  1. Appreciate the history of game development

  2. Apply the double diamond design thinking process to creative problem solving

  3. Use playtesting as a feedback loop to foster experiential learning

  4. Utilize web-based design platform (SaaS), AI technology and online resources to design the visual UI of the physical card game and presentation

  5. Present verbally and visually the design concept to stakeholders

Card designed the student during the bootcamp



Not only did the bootcamp provided practical experience in game design, but it also equipped students with the ability to apply gamification principles to products and services in non-gaming contexts. This invaluable skill set will serve as a solid foundation for their future career development, enabling them to approach problem-solving with a design thinking mindset.

If your school would like to organize extracurricular activities / STEAM / Applied Learning bootcamp or workshop, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via the email below.

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