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The world's first card game with a UX design theme! Step into the role of a UX designer, have fun and tackling UX challenges.

As one of the leading institute in Hong Kong to offer upskills courses on UX Design career development, a small team from DxLab was formed to create the first-ever card game in the world that uses the theme of UX design - "UX Sprints"! 

DxLab UX Sprints Card Game

UX Sprints is not just a fun game, it's an opportunity for players to learn about UX Design principles and best practices. Players develop skills in collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking while competing. It's a fun and engaging way to experience the work-life of a UX Designer.

The Creators

This project brings together 3 creators from diverse backgrounds, each with their own unique skills and vision.

Marco, Ho Kan Hung, responsible for the Project Management & Art Direction. As a UX design instructor, Marco seeks for new, fun and engaging method to convey the concept of UX design to a broader audience. People at a younger age can play this card game and learn about UX design at the same time.

Alice, Cheung Wing Ki, responsible for the Design, Marketing & Copywriting. Alice have worked in the social service industry prior to joining the team. She believes that card games have a great potential to be incorporated into therapeutic work, offering valuable benefits.

Janelle, Thang Tsz Ching, responsible for the Design & Illustration. Janelle is a digital artist and have been doing digital art for more than 10 years. Visual is a powerful tool for communicating new ideas. With a fun game like UX Sprints, it will definitely be more effective than just teaching UX with walls of text.

The Story

You might think learning with a card game could be dull, but the team has put the effort in drafting a backstory to the game to make the interaction more engaging. The story goes:

8 people were mysteriously summoned and trapped in a colorful world of UX Sprints. Players take on the role of an aspiring UX Designer, your quest is to collect cards to complete user journeys in order to rescue them from this virtual world and bring them back to the real world.
Join the quest for great user experiences in the world of UX Sprints. Will you rise to this challenge, craft outstanding UX designs, and become the savior of these mishap people? The adventure awaits!

DxLab UX Sprints Card Game

Game Play

UX Sprints offers 4 Gameplay Modes, enabling players to enjoy the game with various group size of people.

  1. Dual Mode (2 players)

  2. Small Group (3-4 players)

  3. Large Group (5-8 players)

  4. Shedding Game Mode

Card Design

There are 5 types of cards, and are distinguished according to their icons and colors featured on each card. Using icons and colors is a big part of enhancing the user experience in software design, and it is the same for this card game. Additionally, the cards are in poker-sized dimensions, aiming to provide players with a more flexible and comfortable experience when handling the cards.

DxLab UX Sprints Card Game Card Design

Reward Tiers

Please support UX Sprints and help us make this game a reality! You may refer to the following reward tiers, which are divided into 3 levels.

Tier 1: Main Game Deck

Tier 2: Main Game Decks x 2

Tier 3: Main Game Deck + UX101 Guidebook*

DxLab UX Sprints Card Game reward tiers

DxLab UX Sprints Card Game UX101 Guidebook

*The UX101 Guidebook is a 32 pages (TBC) booklet printed in A5 size, which contains details and explanations to the UX Design principles that are presented in the game. With this guidebook, you can become an instructor for teaching others the concepts of UX Design.

Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter

UX Sprints in now available for pledging on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. For more details on this campaign, visit

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