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AI Generative Image Workshop
(Stable Diffusion)

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Stable Diffusion

Tap into the power of generative text-to-image to create new and unique designs

Why Learn AI Generative Image?

In today's digital world, AI generative images have become an essential skill, and learning this skill can open up new career opportunities in sectors like gaming, animation, graphic design, and more. Generating images using AI is a cost-effective approach that does not require any physical media, tools or equipment. All you need is access to the software and a computer.

By employing AI generative images, one can easily generate new ideas, design unique products/services, and stand out in the competitive market. AI generative images can be a valuable innovation tool for individuals and companies alike.


Intended Learning Outcomes

On completion of this workshop, learners are expected to be able to:


Create your own generative AI images using free web-based tools


Learn the fundamental concepts and techniques of AI generative images to enhance business productivity


Apply various AI models to  generate images for marketing and product design applications


Utilize prompts effectively to generate images with the desired result

Digital Artist

Who Should Attend

This workshop is intended for tech enthusiasts, content creators, designers or business owners looking to:

  • take first steps in Generative AI space

  • explore the potential of this technology for business applications

  • enhance business productivity with AI technology

Learning Content

  1. Txt2img (Prompt engineering)

  2. Advanced Prompt Engineering (anatomy, keywords, negative prompts, attention weights)

  3. Parameter tuning (CFG, Quality, models, seed, schedulers)

  4. Img2img (in-painting, out-painting)

  5. Model finetuning techniques theory (Textual Inversion, Dreambooth, LORA)

  6. Model merging

  7. Stable Diffusion deep learning model components

Samples of AI Generated Image