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What is the Future of SEM and SEO with the Introduction of ChatGPT AI

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to develop, how will it change the way Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are conducted in the next 2 to 5 years?

With AI chatbots becoming more prevalent, businesses are now able to communicate with their customers in a more personalized way. This is due to the fact that AI chatbots can now learn about customers’ preferences and needs over time.

Both Alphabet (previously Google) and Microsoft has announced their plans to integrate the AI technology to their search engine business. This will be a game changer in the search engine landscape as Microsoft has already integrated its search engine with a faster version of ChatGPT, developed under OpenAI — called GPT-4 to their Bing search engine. It is now time for Google to play the catchup game with AI tech to uphold it’s search engine regime.

Redefining Search Engine in the Age of AI

As a result, the future of search engine marketing will become more focused on providing a more personalized experience. This means that businesses need to invest in AI chatbot related technologies in order to stay competitive. In addition, businesses need to make sure that their online presence, such as website is optimized for personalized search engine results. We will soon see website content with a shift of focus from keyword-optimized content to creating experiences and adopting more conversational content.

With the continued development of AI, search engine marketing is likely to become personalized, unpredictable, and focused on providing a unique customer experience according to individual customer’s chat record and history. Businesses that don’t invest in AI chatbot technology soon will likely find themselves at a disadvantage. However, the appropriateness and ethical issues that arises for these type of practices still remains to be seen.


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