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Futuremakers Innovative Talent Programme (UI/UX Design)

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Hire young talents to development their skills and experience

Placement Overview

DxLab, together with St. James' Settlement Employment Development Service has organized a UI/UX design employment training course from August to mid-September. After the course is completed, the trainees are required attend a company for an internship for a period of 6 weeks (approximately 30 working days).

We now sincerely invites all enterprises to participate in this programme to offer our trainees a chance to develop their skills and working experience. The nature of the work practice should be related to UI/UX design, for example:

  • Web design or website development

  • Mobile App Design or Interface Design

  • Market Research or User Studies


During the placement, trainees are required to use interface design software such as Adobe XD or Figma.


Participating companies do not need to provide salary. During the placement period, trainees will receive a $5,000 allowance from the organizing party. If the trainee's performance is satisfactory, participating companies may also consider providing additional allowances, or consider hiring the trainee as full-time employees.

Business Meeting

Placement Purpose: 

Trainees are aged below 30, recent graduates and working youth who wish to explore UI/UX Design industry


To gain UI/UX Design hands-on experience


A chance for trainees to build their design portfolio


To help trainees to land on an employment

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Why You Should Apply

This placement programme will enable employers to:

  • increase temporary manpower

  • seek for new hiring opportunity

  • get insight from young generation

Placement Detail

UX design course application

Register as Placement Company

If you are interested in offering placement opportunity to our trainees, please complete the form below to provide us with details of your organization.  If you have any questions related to this programme, please contact our Education Specialist via WhatsApp first. 

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