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If a course is deemed unable to commence as scheduled (date and time) on the published course materials (e.g. official website, printed leaflet, email, etc.) due to under-enrollment, DxLab Limited (here as DxLab) reserves the right to make changes, cancel or reschedule the course.  As such, a prior notification will be send to applicants via email or WhatsApp 10-working days before the commencement of the course/first class.

If classes is cancelled due to extreme weather condition, the course will be subject to rescheduling, with prior notification send to applicants/students via email or WhatsApp 2-working days before the commencement of the course/class. 

In case of cessation of a course after its commencement, DxLab shall refund the applicants the course fees and other fees paid by the applicants on a pro-rata basis within 1-month after the cessation of the course.

If applicants decline to accept the revised arrangements proposed by DxLab, refund to the applicants in full or on pro-rata basis of the course fees and other fees paid by the applicants is not applicable.

Application/tuition fee paid is not refundable, nor transferable in any forms, to applicants who failed to attend classes, or discontinue their studies once a course has begun.


The refund arrangement stated in this Refund Policy shall form part of the terms and conditions for the provision of the course provided by DxLab to the applicants, and shall be drawn to the attention of all applicants.

The refund procedures are as followed:

  1. DxLab shall refund the applicant in accordance with the policies stated in this Refund Policy section.

  2. When processing the refund, applicant must present the original course fee receipt.

  3. Applicant shall sign the refund application form to acknowledge the reception of the refund.

  4. Application for refund will require 10 working days from the date of refund application. 

  5. DxLab reserve the right for the refund approval in case of dispute.

  6. The refund shall be paid by the payment method of the applicant paid.


DxLab reserves the rights to revise the terms with proper prior notification. For inquiries, please contact us.

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